Buy a Tux

For a number of years, the tuxedo has been considered the epitome of men’s formal wear. Believe it or not, the suit was named after a park in New York called Tuxedo Park where it made its debut. Since that time, the tuxedo has undergone a number of changes in colors, designs and fabrics. A definite switch from the traditional “penguin” look with the black jacket, tie , white shirt and comber-bum.

When considering your attire for a formal occasion, you will want to make a statement by wearing a tuxedo. There are many benefits to owning a tuxedo vs renting one. We have listed a few of the benefits below.

Should I buy a tuxedo?

One of the best reasons to buy a tuxedo is the huge financial advantage through ownership. A new tuxedo will cost between $800 to $1000 depending on location of purchase and is definitely a smart bargain, especially if you plan on wearing it more than twice within the next few years versus paying roughly $150 to $200 per rental .

Because of the overall revolution of the tuxedo, it can be customized to fit your preference. There are more choices in styles, designs and fabrics that help create the look you desire. In some cases, there are seasonal preferences as well.

Another advantage of buying a tuxedo would be the tailored fit. Let’s face it, in most cases a rental tuxedo is not going to fit like a glove. You will want your purchase to be as close to perfection as possible.